Bali Villa Rental

The presence of a villa for rent in Bali is essential for the tourists who will spend a holiday in Bali. Finding a villa for rent in Bali is easy, but to meet a villa that suits your needs and budget is a little bit tricky. Here we offer a luxury villa for rent in Nusa Dua, Cemagi, Canggu, and other villas that are located in Bali’s prime areas.

We have villas for rent under our property management, which is a complex of luxury housing in Nusa Dua Bali, and  also luxury villas brand, Ombak Luxury Residence, that is located in Cemagi Bali. Ombak Luxury Residence is a type of villa Bali, situated 15 minutes from Canggu. These are two brands of luxury villas in our property management. We offer it to you primarily to guarantee you having a memorable holiday stay in Bali.

Find the largest listing of Bali short term or long term rental villas. Available villas for daily, monthly and yearly rental in Bali, or just a perfect place to stay in Bali. Contact Mirah Property Bali to start enjoying your holiday in our Bali villa!

Contact us If you are looking for a villa for sale or for rent in Bali, for long term or short term stay purposes, so we can find the perfect Bali villa for you.

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