Cocana Resorts Gili Trawangan

Floating in a turquoise sea and fringed by white sand and coconut palms, Cocana Resort Gili Trawangan Is located off the the north east coast of Bali, making this the perfect holiday escape and excellent location for you starting a resort investment and vacation home.

We are extremely proud to be able to offer our clients and guests the ultimate lifestyle experiences in one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Indonesia.

Buying a villa in Cocana Resorts, will offer you a very lucrative addition to your Real Estate portfolio.

There is a genuine shortage of Beachfront Land for sale in Gili Trawangan meaning your property will attract high capital gains as well as give you a substantial passive income and an amazing place to holiday.

Indonesian owners will have their property with Freehold title and International buyers will be able to have their property on a straight 100-year lease in their own name which can be sold or transferred at any time.


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